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Heal Me is on its way!!! This beauty is releasing on Nov 21st

Join Nik and Ellie again in the irresistible, emotionally charged, and steamy sequel to author Alexandra Page’s Save Me.

Ellie is no stranger to the vicious grips of grief and guilt, and now, just when she had felt she could breathe again, they’re back like a raging storm leaving her gasping for air with little hope of rescue. What do you do with guilt–how do you let it go? And how do you put to rest ghosts that won’t stay dead?

With her demons roaring louder than ever, and her secret laid bare before him, will Nik be able to put his own fears and doubts aside and help Ellie rise from the ashes of her past? Will she allow his unwavering devotion to help heal her shattered heart? Can she learn to forgive the unforgivable and live again despite her overwhelming grief?

Determined to believe that hope is the only thing stronger than fear, Nik and Ellie begin building a new life from the scattered pieces of their pasts and prove that love really does conquer all.

My playlist for Nik and Ellie 

I think most writers lean towards one thing or another for inspiration when they write-other books, movies, their own lives or the lives of those around them, and of course, music. 

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing like putting on a record, turning on the radio, or popping in your ear buds and letting a song take you away. I do it all the time, because I’m an escapist. I should probably be ashamed of that, but I’m not. Escaping into my books, music, or my own little world is what keeps me afloat in this crazy life we all live. 

Writing Nik and Ellie’s story was a way to escape and let go and music helped me get there. I thought I would share the songs that helped me bring them to life for you. Enjoy!–HnoSk72hrg2t2YVrZGrc5POwhCLJn9BGaQ%3D%3D

And as an added bonus, I’ll add in the edits I made of their houses. I need visuals and music to spin my stories 🙂

Nik’s house, his shop, and Roxie 

Ellie’s house 

Teaser Tuesday!

Coming August 22nd

Save Me – Magnolia Series Book 1



Can a weeping willow grow into a steel magnolia? Ellie Cochran doesn’t think so. She is a lost soul if there ever was one. A life filled with unimaginable loss does that to a person. Tired of fighting for one that doesn’t seem worth living any more, she knows it’s time to make a decision.

A stop for coffee is the last place she expects for that choice to be forced on her. But when the bullets start flying will she choose death–finally crossing over the threshold she’s been hovering at for two seemingly endless years, or will she choose the hope she sees in a tall, beautiful stranger’s eyes?

Nikolas Jensen didn’t know grabbing a coffee before work would turn his world upside down. He didn’t plan on making any life-altering decisions when he walked through those doors either. But that’s exactly what he has to do. When death is staring you down from the barrel of a gun, do you save yourself, or a woman you just met?

Their paths now stitched together by one traumatic morning, Nik and Ellie must pick up the broken pieces. Can they do it together or will Ellie’s demons be too much for them both?

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Everyone in the room is watching him. Hanging on his every word, mesmerised by his magnetic presence and brilliant smile. But for Jenna, he’s a ghost, a memory of what home once was. A dream of the man she walked away from six years ago. Six years that have felt more like an eternity. 

When they were young they had a love so sweet and pure, they thought nothing could tear them apart. Then they grew up and a choice had to be made. She only meant to set him free to follow his dreams, but not a day has gone by that she hasn’t regretted it, that the memories of him haven’t haunted her night and day. 

Now he’s back, larger than life and more heart-stopping than ever. 

This could be the last night she ever sees him, will she run from her fears, or take the chance to heal the wounds she left in their hearts?

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