Free thru Sunday

Everyone in the room is watching him. Hanging on his every word, mesmerised by his magnetic presence and brilliant smile. But for Jenna, he’s a ghost, a memory of what home once was. A dream of the man she walked away from six years ago. Six years that have felt more like an eternity. 

When they were young they had a love so sweet and pure, they thought nothing could tear them apart. Then they grew up and a choice had to be made. She only meant to set him free to follow his dreams, but not a day has gone by that she hasn’t regretted it, that the memories of him haven’t haunted her night and day. 

Now he’s back, larger than life and more heart-stopping than ever. 

This could be the last night she ever sees him, will she run from her fears, or take the chance to heal the wounds she left in their hearts?

Follow the link to get your copy! 

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