The Magnolia Series is on its way!!!

I just couldn’t wait any longer, I was too excited! Nik and Ellie were begging me to let them free 🙂 So here’s a little teaser for you and if you’d like to meet them before they go live join my beta team by signing up to my newsletter or dropping me an email if you’re already signed up and would like the beta for me again.



Meet Nik and Ellie in Save Me, Book 1 of The Magnolia Series

A story of heartache and healing, sweet tea and live oaks, selfless love and sex as hot and steamy as summer in the south, Save Me has finally made it from my heart, to the world of fanfic, and now to the pages of a book!

Sign up to get your beta copy today!

2 thoughts on “The Magnolia Series is on its way!!!

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    1. Hi! Sign up is easy. Depending on which platform you’re viewing my site on there’s a smaller picture of my banner on the home page. For mobile and tablets it will be towards the bottom and for computers to the right. Click the picture and it will take you to my newsletter sign up form. Enter your information, name and email then check the box ‘general interest’ and then submit and you’re done. 😊 I check for new sign ups every day, so I will email you back as soon as possible and let you know when and how you’ll get your copy and what I’m needing. Thanks so much!! If you have any problems just email me back and I’ll help anyway I can. Have a good day 😊


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